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How does this guy have so little watchers?
Birthday Surprise Raffle! [CLOSED] by Sweet-n-treat

For my friends who like cute things (Including me ^_^)
To the Inferno of I - Summer -

Of the Stars of Bloom - Spring -

To the Graves of White - Winter -

And the Flood of the Dead - Fall -

I embellish to the Inferno - As the Lilac -

The Born come - to a Nonliving month -

For the Soil that - mummifies My Hands -

And shall Death make - Mausoleums for the Thought -

But not to Hands - from Thought has Made -

For that I - My Creation can Only -

Be of Questions of Riddles - to be Lost Enigmas -

That are Commemorated - should be Not -

To make an Exploration of Literacy - is Not of Me -
Found this weird Pokemon site, if you want to help, that would be cool ^_^

My name is Daniel, but you may call me Aggeroff, or Aggy if you prefer.

I am a Let's Player on Youtube who has a fascination for Horror games, especially the ones without guns.

I also am a part of the Forum Mangashare, and am currently enjoy a wide variety of manga, most notably One Piece and Toriko

I'm in College for a Video Game Design Art Major, and enjoy doing art from time to time when I have time.

My Youtube Channel:…

My Mangashare Page:…