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Name: ????
Nicknames: Nightmare Girl, Dead Shadow, Sign of Death, The Reaper of the Apocalypse.
Age: ????
Gender: Female
Species: Shadow

Personality: None, though she has been seen Laughing and Crying.
Likes: Appears to enjoy testing her powers on others. Death also seems to please her.
Dislikes: People
Fear: Pain
Goals: None

Fighting style: She uses her Illusions to fight, never fighting anyone physically. Her illusions can remove all light, cause simulated pain, force enemies into a living nightmare, and permanently change the workings of an opponent’s mind. She has been known to even break the minds of her enemies, leaving them still alive but unable to think.
Prowess: Unknown, unlikely she has any
Strengths: Illusions, Sensing enemies.
Weaknesses: Almost no physical strength, Insanity.

Appearance: True appearance unknown, but her permanent illusion makes her appear 6 years old. She has a dark shadow coming from her tail with glowing blue eyes.
Clothing: Torn simple black dress
Hair: Black
Eyes: None
Complexion: Dark Grey

History: Unknown, but a theory has been made with evidence found. It seems the girl was a Shadow born with extra ordinary illusion powers, so powerful they drew even her insane. After she killed everyone in her tribe at the age of 4 she ran off into the forest near her home. She ripped her eyes out to prevent herself from seeing her own illusions, but it didn’t help due to her illusions being directly mind based. She appears to now see with her illusions, and will be able to find an enemy even in pitch black from a long distance away. She still wanders in the forest she was born in. If she encounters any living beings she will either kill, torture, experiment, or simply walk past them, seeming to depend on her mood or if they attack her. She has been there for at least 30 years. Avoid her if you see her.
Relationships: All who have had contact with her and survived have left with permanent mental damage. An example is Fern. She seemed to sense his fire power and thus tried to remove it. She ended up turning him into what he is today.
Her Mind Broke a long time ago. She knows nothing except pain.

Neutral character written by :iconaggeroff:
hunterN05 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:| well... I don't think Samuel will want to meet her :P hehe.

Nice work!
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August 16, 2014


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