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Fern's Horror Story
Halloween 2402
A Halloween Party was being thrown in the Unity Cafeteria.
Dimicari was near the food table trying out some of the candies, enjoying himself immensely. She was dressed as a Pirate, with an eye patch covering her blind eye.
Ariel was on the stage that had been set there to be used for Karaoke singing, also enjoying herself. She was dressed as a mermaid, having done so because someone suggested it would be funny. She didn’t get the joke but she decided to do it anyway. Since she could basically float with her wind magic it actually worked really well.
Kiri was Bobbing for Apples, no surprise there. She was dressed as a Japanese ghost, wearing a black wig, black lipstick, and a long white kimono with blood painted on (here wings were tucked inside it). She also managed to get some pure black contacts to complete the look.
There was a bunch of other people at the party doing all sorts of things. It was going really well and everyone was having fun.
Kenneth th
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Machine For Pigs :iconaggeroff:Aggeroff 4 3
Nightmare Girl
Name: ????
Nicknames: Nightmare Girl, Dead Shadow, Sign of Death, The Reaper of the Apocalypse.
Age: ????
Gender: Female
Species: Shadow
Personality: None, though she has been seen Laughing and Crying.
Likes: Appears to enjoy testing her powers on others. Death also seems to please her.
Dislikes: People
Fear: Pain
Goals: None
Fighting style: She uses her Illusions to fight, never fighting anyone physically. Her illusions can remove all light, cause simulated pain, force enemies into a living nightmare, and permanently change the workings of an opponent’s mind. She has been known to even break the minds of her enemies, leaving them still alive but unable to think.
Prowess: Unknown, unlikely she has any
Strengths: Illusions, Sensing enemies.
Weaknesses: Almost no physical strength, Insanity.
Appearance: True appearance unknown, but her permanent illusion makes her appear 6 years old. She has a dark shadow coming from her tail with glowing blue eyes.
Clothing: Torn simple black dres
:iconaggeroff:Aggeroff 2 1
Fern Redfield
Name: Fern Redfield
Nickname: Inferno (but he really doesn’t like the nickname)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Fire Mage
Personality: (Normal) Shy, Loner, Wary (While in water) Relaxed, Easy Going, Happy.
Likes: Heat resistant objects and clothing, Black, Water, Being alone.
Dislikes: Shadows, Ice, Hurting people.
Fear: Accidentally killing someone, Illusions of Shadows.
Goals: To undo the seal on himself.
Fighting style: Short Range Fighter. Fight hand to hand combat, will try to grab an opponent and let his heat burn them. Carries Water Bottles as weapons. He uses it either on other Fire Mages he fights or on himself to create a smokescreen. He can also drink it and spit the now boiling water on enemies. He also can emit steam to speed up his movements
Prowess: Often avoids fighting due to his dislike of hurting people, but will also fight for the same reason, being that he doesn’t want to see anyone hurt.
Strength: Speed, Heat, Ability to hide, Strong against water. Due t
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Glass Ghost
A quick drawing of the Glass Ghost from the Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems Comic book miniseries. I personally think its design and powers are awesome, and am very sad it isn't canon, and quite possible not real even in the comic.
Blue Obsidian
My first attempt at a Gemsona, and at this style of art in general. Hopefully turned out well, had some difficulty making the lines smooth, but I think it turned out well.

For: :iconinvaderika:

Gem Name: Obsidian
Nicknames: Diane
Gem Type: Blue Obsidian
Gem Location: Right outer thigh
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Faction: Homeworld
Birthplace: Homeworld
Weapon of Choice: Two Knives.
Gem Ability: Shadow sneak (Invisible in dark places and shadows) 
Personality: Emotionless when fighting, doesn't even talk and is hard to distract, but around friends she is quite but relaxed and easily smiles
Brief Backstory: Obsidian is a Gem used for assassinating strong single targets without being noticed. While relatively young gem wise (only about 4000) she is very skilled. She was sent to earth by Blue Diamond (for what, depends on the story)
Misc Info: While not physically strong she is really fast, and tends to aim directly for the gem for a quick kill. Also her Mask is a lot like Garnet's Glasses and can be removed. Her mouth is small and feminine, but with sharp teeth.
How does this guy have so little watchers?
How does this guy have so little watchers?


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